WOD 11/01

Tabata bottom-to-bottom air squats
Then immediately run one mile

Clock starts with Tabata and stops when finished with the run

Post Tabata score and time


WOD 10/31

5 – 10 – 15 – 10 – 5

Thrusters (115/75)
Ring Dips

Post Time

WOD 10/27

There was a lot of hard work going on in the gym yesterday. Several people really pushed hard to get the 50 repitions done before the 20 minute cap…outstanding effort! Your drive and motivation is infectious…keep it up! Enjoy today’s WOD.
8 minutes to find Max Snatch
Then do:
3 Rounds of
AMRAP 2 mins
1 Snatch @ 60% of max
2 Overhead Squats
3 Box Jumps
1 minute rest

WOD 10/26

Hello Everyone – The evening classes have been filling up and the weight room is getting a little crowded. Our evening classes are at 5PM and 6PM. If you can not make it on time to the 5PM class, please wait until 6PM to help alleviate the crowding and also to prevent us from holding up the class in progress. We are working on expanding our facility. Thank you.

50 Repitions of “Curtis P”

1 repitiion of “Curtis P’ is:
1 Clean
1 Lunge (each leg)
1 Push Press

Use 55% of Body weight
20:00 minute time cap

Post time or rounds completed.