WOD 10/11

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes do:

4 Deadlifts (Men:185/Women:115 lbs)
6 Ring Push ups


3 thoughts on “WOD 10/11

  1. Jason T. – 15 SC/135
    Miami – 20 SC/115
    Mike C. – 20 RX
    Germain – 20 RX
    Nichole – 20 SC/Push ups from knees
    Joey – 20 RX
    Celeste – 10 SC
    Sam – 20 RX
    D – 20 RX
    Randy – 20 RX
    Brenda – 20 SC/65
    Alexis – 20 SC/15

  2. Man this WOD kicked my butt. On paper it seemed easy then going from 4 to 6 dead lifts and 6 to 10 ring pushups I was gassed at my 10th round. I had to go back to the original WOD. Great eye opener I loved it. Thanks

  3. It was motivating to see all the hard work last night. It was a great 5 o’clock class. Sam is getting the whole family in on it too…love it!

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