WOD 11/03

Bench Press
Weighted Pull ups

Post your highest 3-rep max for each


One thought on “WOD 11/03

  1. Julie-B: 75, PU: Blue
    Celeste- B:55, PU:Purple
    Jessica- B:70, PU: Blue
    Steve- B:235, PU: 50
    Joey- B:205, PU:75
    Melissa- B:60, PU:Black
    Jason- B:195, PU: Green
    Yogi- B:295, PU 100
    Mike F.- B:230, PU 55
    Mike M.- B:175, PU 20
    John- B:205, PU: Black
    Rob- B:205, PU:25
    Sean- B:240, PU:30
    Nichole- B: 90, PU:Blue
    D.- B:275, PU: 10

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