WOD 9/21

For Time:
4 Deadlifts (275/185)
50 HR Push Ups
8 Deadlifts
40 HR Push Ups
12 Deadlifts
30 HR Push Ups
16 Deadlifts
20 HR Push Ups
20 Deadlifts
10 HR Push Ups


10 thoughts on “WOD 9/21

  1. ROFL! Here I was thinkg we weregoing to do hard stuff like double unders or burpees. The hamstrings were feeling a bit neglected today. This is perfect. Thanks Joey n Mike.

    • ummm yeah K-Dog….unless I was born yesterday that many deadlifts is going to be brutal…oh yeah, lets not forget all the push-ups as a nice break from the weights. DEADLIFTS AND MILK Biz-natches!!!

      • I wonder if it is to late to change it from pushups to handstand pushups? See you guys at the 5 PM class!!!

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