Toro Loco Coordination

We are one week away from the Toro Loco Challenge. We will all be starting the race at 9:00am on Saturday, September 29th. To show team cohesion we will all be wearing a CrossFit Yuma shirt and the socks that we ordered. The socks were an optional item for fun, but I would like to see us all wearing our CrossFit Yuma shirts! If you do not have one, please see Coach Joey or Coach Nichole about getting one. Feel free to wear any goofy, fun or outrage items to have fun during the race.Plan on meeting at the event 30 to 45 minutes before our heat time. Below is some additional information provided by the event organizers.


Before you leave the house:
Before you leave the house: A photo ID, cash, a towel, a water bottle, anything you’ll need for kids and dogs (pet waste bags), sunscreen, a change of clothes, YOUR SIGNED WAIVER (Click to view and print) and a good attitude.

Pre Race:
Plan on showing up at least 30 minutes before your wave. You’ll park as directed and head to the registration tent. You’ll show us your photo ID and give us a copy of your signed waiver (Click to view and print). We’ll get you checked in and give you a racing bib. You can take your stuff back to your car or there will be a bag check for $5 where proceeds will go to a non-profit. Head over to the starting line when your wave is called.

The Race:
The Raging Bull folks have a longer course with much more difficult obstacles, so they’ll be in front. The Leisurely Longhorns will be in back. Once the wave starts, you’ll head out onto your respective course. They will be well-marked…orange for the Raging Bulls and green for the Leisurely Longhorns. If you get to an obstacle that you don’t feel comfortable with, skip it. We’ll have water available at various spots on the course. Stay hydrated! You do not need to know how to swim, but your wallowing skills should be well honed. We have plenty of folks on the course keeping an eye on things. They’re the ones with huge grins, Toro Loco Challenge shirts, and radios. Feel free to grab one of them if you have any kind of problem or concern. Have a good time!

Post Race and Festival:
After you finish and get cleaned up, then throw on your Toro Loco Challenge t-shirt. Drink plenty of water and have a snack, enjoy the food and music, laugh and play with the hounds (maybe pick up a new one at the Humane Society Adoption Area). Food and beverages will be for sale but remember don’t drink and drive and have a good time!


7 thoughts on “Toro Loco Coordination

  1. A few of us will be going to the Main Squeeze to watch Alien vs Predator (Fausto the Beast) perform at 1900. We may try to hit up a few spots later to hang out. If you guys are interested shoot me a text. 575-635-2688. I’ll need to get an estimated head count by Friday. We’ll be unofficially celebrating a few things like making it through the El Toro “Kicking Names and Taking Ass”, Lynsey (my lovely wife with great squat form) is turning DIrty el Toro 30, coach Mike getting out of the USMC (not fond of this in particular), Fausto kicking butt with his progress in the gym, new baby, and AVP performances.

  2. Also, does anyone have an XL CFY shirt i can borrow for the race? Unfortunately Joey only has mediums and large men sizes, neither of which fits me. I will reimburse you with some sweet ass 11×14 photos of Mike and Scotty under a rainbow (thanks Fausto). If i can’t get a shirt to borrow i may be wearing a large womens tank… thats even worse than the rainbow photo.

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