WOD 11/18


Diet, Inflammation and Disease (fish oil)

“If I want to have an al-Qaida battle plan How to Destroy
Health Care of America, the USDA food pyramid there
would be exactly that. I can think of nothing that would
accelerate the development of silent inflammation
In Part 4 of this series, Dr. Barry Sears pulls no punches in
criticizing USDA nutritional prescriptions that are being
adopted by countries around the world. Dr. Sears states
that a Western diet that causes silent inflammation is
one of the reasons for sick citizens and over-burdened
health-care systems.
The cure? Adherence to the Zone Diet and the inclusion
of large amounts of fish oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
Studies have proven that high concentrations of fish
oil can be used to dramatically reduce inflammation,
resulting in weight loss, improved blood chemistry and
better overall health. More clinical research has shown
that fatty acids, even when used to supplement a very
poor diet, can help lower the risk of heart disease,
cancer, MS, bipolar depression, ADHD, chronic pain and
Alzheimer’s—all because fish oils reduce inflammation.
“It’s as close to a miracle drug as I’ll ever see in my
lifetime,” Dr. Sears states.

– Lecture by Dr. Barry Sears


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