WOD 12/13

Know thyself… and be fruitful.

Would you like to instantly increase your squat by 40 lbs? Unveil chiseled 6-pack abs? ACHIEVE UNMEASURABLE GLORY AND RICHES!?!?!

So I’m only kidding about the glory and riches…..but do keep reading.

There are a couple of simple points to follow that will allow steady progress in all your goals and in some cases, miraculous gains in strength, loss of fat and all around wellness. They are:

1. Accountability
2. Consistency

Accountability is a big one. Also, a nice, itchy little pet peeve of mine. Observe…..

Instructor: “We will start our work sets at eighty percent of our one rep max…”
Crossfitian: “What’s a one rep max?…is the backsquat when you press the bar overhead? ..etc, etc..”
Instructor: “No …explains… what is your current 1RM?”
Crossfitian: “I don’t know. I’ve never written it down…”
Instructor: 8’(

Ok. So, a little exaggerated but my point is, try to become as familiar with the movements and your personal bests as possible. The more prepared you are with this information, the better prepared you’ll be to attack the lift or workout. Planning is everything!

For one week, ONE WEEK, use a journal and try your damnedest to keep track of these things:

Food Intake
Mental & Physical state

The beauty of this is it will establish a baseline you can work with and learn from. If a week goes by and you feel your performance is down and you’ve been sluggish, look back on your journal and see what you could improve. If you get 5 hours of sleep on average, strive to get at LEAST 7 hours. If you’ve fallen short on eating enough or have been eating too much, then make adjustments. Hold these adjustments throughout the week and see where it takes you. Continue to experiment like this until you find you are performing as well as you would like, and take note.

Now, if you’ve kept said journal, you can see where you’ve slipped up and make more adjustments. Get more sleep, stop with the frequent “cheat meals” (get over it, it’s not cute) and slow down on the alcohol intake. Make such small tweaks to your lifestyle and see your performance increase, hit that new PR or long time goal, then go have your cheat and drink to that! Hold yourself accountable and quit looking for the magic pill, it doesn’t exist. Not legally anyway.

Consistency. Consistently get your 7-9 hours of sleep, consistently make smart choices with your food and consistently monitor yourself…..consistently!

It’s cool to hit big lifts and to attain the body of a Greek God/Goddess but if you don’t maintain an effort to stay on track, you may find your PRs falling and body parts sagging once again. Sound like too much to deal with? It’s not. Be more aware of your actions, their impact, write it down, make adjustments, do so regularly and you will achieve uber-crossfit-olympian-megastar-epic status.

Oh, and if you own a television and watch it… ever… then you have time to make these small adjustments. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the outcome, if you make the effort.

If you want it, go after it! Best of luck in all you do.

Coach Mike

Bear Complex
7 Rounds of 7 Cycles


19 thoughts on “WOD 12/13

  1. Geez! Way to lay on the guilt! Feels like I just got sent to the principals office! 😉 who needs elf on a shelf to report to Santa on good/bad behavior when you’ve got coach Mike? Now I feel really guilty for eating kimchi and white rice…..I’ll be better tomorrow….

  2. I was so pumped reading this Mike….. and then I saw the Wod and threw up in my mouth.
    So much for a cheat day. I can cheat at the tamale festival. Bearus complexus it is.

  3. Thanks Coach Mike for the inspiring words. That is exactly what I needed to hear!….Quuestion: What is the Bear Complex?

  4. Thanks Mike for motivating me go this morning! My first time doing the Bear and boy did it kick my……..EVERYTHING!!!! Also thanks to Nicole for the extra sit ups. Great workout 10:00 crew!!

  5. I know everyone read this and then saw the workout and thought great words and seriously the bear complex!! I am opposite I knew the Bear Complex was the WOD before reading the blog. I was not going to go tonight because I didn’t want to do it! But after that Coach Mike I will be there with note book in hand!! I will try my best to be the best and hold my self accountable!! Thanks for the wisdom and reminding me there is no magic pill!!

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