WOD 1/03

Don’t forget this Saturday at 11:15am we will be offering a nutrition seminar to get ready for the upcoming paleo/zone challenge.

2 goblet squats (53/35)
2 kettlebell swings (kbs)
40 double unders
4 goblet squats
4 kbs
40 double unders
6 goblet squats
6 kbs
40 double unders


14 thoughts on “WOD 1/03

  1. January 2, 2013… A huge day in the life of me… Did my first unassisted pull-up ! Still can’t believe it! De videoed me because I wouldn’t believe him that my chin was getting high enough:) thanks de! Anyway… Can’t brag on Facebook cause I might be a ” crazy crossfitter” so I had to tell my CFY fam and give a huge shout out to all of our amazing coaches who push me everyday! Thanks so much Nichole , Candace , Leigh , Mike and Joey ! I did a pullup for all of us today!:)
    Here’s to an amazing new crossfit year filled with tons of accomplishments and memories together! Goal # 1 for 2013- check!:)

  2. Freakin awesome, Julie! What a great milestone to hit right after the new year! Great things to come! No turning back now 😉

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